If you have been searching long and hard for a method to kill fruit flies, look no further. We have compiled a simple article just for you that will show you exactly how to eliminate your problem. There are so many methods today that work and it really just depends on the process that you would like to use.

You Have Probably Heard Them Say

Preventing them from the start is the best way to deal with the problem before it gets out of control. Keeping your house clean on a daily bases will help you ahead of time. Washing your dirty dishes, taking out that trash piling up, and wiping down every source possible with some type of sanitizer will not only get rid of fruit flies, but it will prevent them from ever invading your home, office, or restaurant. The removal of overripe vegetables and fruit is a big role in this process due to the attractiveness.

Did You Know You Can Set Up Traps?

Setting up a few traps that are highly effective will kill fruit flies. You can search online for many traps on the market in which most of them work and do the job well. Almost every trap uses the apple cider vinegar, balsamic, and a bit of dish detergent to work its sweet magic.

Apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar are what the fruit fly really enjoy the most. Dishwashing detergent is beneficial in reducing the surface tension of the mix and allows the fruit flies to sink which then leads to their quick death. Pure while vinegar is highly ineffective and will not work so you need to remember to use these certain types only if you want to win the battle.

You can set up a mixture overnight inside of any type of glass and let it sit out overnight, when you wake up the following morning there will be a glass full of these suckers. This works particularly well though there are many other ways to go about using this same method.

Killing Fruit Flies Is Sort Of Fun!

You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all of the fruit flies to add that extra fun. At first you will trap them all in a glass or bowel and then flip on the vacuum to watch them instantly disappear.

These are some of the way that I have tested when dealing with these types of pest and even though I could explain so many other ways to kill fruit flies, this would probably have to be my favorite between all of them. There is no need to call pest control when you can invent simple, yet effective traps from home that will get the job done every time.

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