How to get rid of fruit flies! Do it yourself to save money. Of all insects, fruit flies are the most annoying. They usually come with the fruit or vegetables you buy. If you get spoiled fruit much more likely to fruit flies in your kitchen. Eliminating them is a pain at times.

Kill Fruit Flies – Get rid of its breeding ground

The best way to kill fruit flies is to eliminate their food and breeding areas. If you eliminate their food source you have eliminated the breeding ground too. Their nesting and food are the same. Go through your house to get rid of these breeding areas. Keep in mind that fruit flies breed in moist conditions.

The most common breeding ground for fruit flies are more than ripe fruits and vegetables, dirty and wet rags, spills and messes. Make sure to get rid of these available in all areas of your home.

Kill Fruit Flies – Kitchen

Rid of all spoiled food in the sink, table or anywhere else in the kitchen. Do not leave unwashed and wet dish rags hanging. Always remember to check your bin so that it has a secure lid and toss out the garbage as often as you can before it spills all over the house. Keep all of your cabinets cleaned and thoroughly wiped down. Try to reach all areas in your home and remove all dirt and messes to rid of fruit flies.

Kill Fruit Flies – Residential and bathroom

Clean up any food left in your living room. Carefully inspect for possible spills on your carpet and clean and dry. In your bathroom, you should all clean and dry. Inspect your cabinets for leaks.

When you’re ready to eliminate the breeding grounds and food, it’s time to get rid of what is left of fruit flies in your home. Put about 1 / 8 apple cider vinegar in a glass and add a little dish washing liquid and mix. Place the glass with your own fruit night flying. You will find lots of fruit flies in the morning.