Nobody wants to have flies in the kitchen, let alone in their soup! Flies are mostly found in dirty places and that is the reason why they carry deadly diseases. They can contaminate your food, eating which may cause diarrhea or other health issues. But, this doesn’t mean that you should use harmful chemicals to get rid of flies. Killing these little creatures will infect your food and will impose you to even more potential health risks. That is the reason why it is always better to use defensive measures to keep flies away from your kitchen and from your house. Here is a brief rundown on how to do this.

Garbage Management

There are three main things that attract flies – dead animals, animal droppings, and garbage. You probably will not have to deal with dead animals in your house, but if you have pet, you must have an effective system to eliminate infestation of animal droppings. The best way is to use tightly wrapped bags to secure garbage and pet waste. This will keep flies out. The idea is to keep the garbage area clean. You are recommended to use garbage cans that have tightly fitting lids. Garbage bagged and stored in these cans do not attract flies.

Dead Animals

It may not necessarily be a big animal. It can be a squirrel, rodent, bird, or just a road kill. So, have a careful look around your property (outside the house). If you notice any such thing, take immediate action. The most recommended way is to bury the remains at least 3-feet deep. The sooner you do this, the better it will be for you.

Block The Possible Entry Points For Flies

There are two main entry points of flies in a house – doorways and windows. You can add tightly fitting screens to secure windows. If you are already using the screens, check for holes. If you find holes, repair the same with screen patches or silicone caulk. Alternatively, beaded curtains may also be very effective to keep flies out of the house. Make sure that the beads fit together.

Use Zip-Lock Bags Filled Half-Way With Water

The exact scientific reasons are yet to be known, but this traditional method really works. All you have to do is just attach this bag over doorways. It will discourage flies. It is believed that the moving water reflects light in a specific way that keeps the flies away.

Overall, prevention is the best method to get rid of flies. Make sure that there is no food exposed – either in the trash bin or on the counter. Eliminate the rotten food from the trash. Keep your kitchen and garbage clean and it will discourage flies.

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