With the increase in the number of tourists travelling around the world, the spread of bed bugs (cimex lectularis), typical haematophageal parasites of mattresses, has also increased in every type of Italian structure, for example, in tourist, accommodation, health and commercial companies and even in homes. But, how much does bedbug pest control cost?

Bedbug pest control prices: what are the factors that affect the cost?
When bedbug pest control is required, prices, in particular, depend:

  • the severity of the infestation. In fact, bedbugs reproduce quickly from one object to another, even nesting in TV screens and electrical cabinets;
  • the size of the infested area and the difficulty in reaching it;
  • the scope of application, for example, domestic or professional;
  • the duration and frequency of interventions.

In addition, when bedbug pest control is used, prices and costs also depend on the necessary treatments, on the quality of the materials to be disinfected, perhaps delicate towards low or high temperatures or certain chemical substances, and on the monitoring to be carried out. In this regard, pest control methods can have different nature, in fact, there are ecological treatments, such as liquid nitrogen cryodisinfestation, and chemical treatments, such as biocides and gaseous (smoke) systems.

As far as the cost of bedbug pest control is concerned, the average prices found on the web are around 270 euros. Specifically, pest control professionals must provide a detailed budget whose prices normally start from a minimum of about 65 euros to a maximum of 3,000 euros, depending on the region and province of reference. However, before deciding on the treatments to be used, technicians must carry out a careful daytime inspection of the infested places in search of bugs and their hiding places. In addition, the prices of the quotes must be blocked to guarantee the honesty and seriousness of the pest controllers.

Professional pest control is convenient, effective and decisive

Do-it-yourself chemical treatments such as insecticides are only useful for an initial bedbug infestation, with few adult individuals, but, they are ineffective on their eggs and larvae, moreover, using them is likely to increase the problem by pushing bedbugs to other premises. In this regard, these chemicals, used in the wrong quantities or for prolonged periods of time, can make these pests resistant and, thus, they learn to recognize the treated areas and be dangerous because they are toxic to human and domestic animal health and, in particular, because they are irritating to allergy sufferers. Therefore, in case of serious infestation, the chemical methods for disinfesting bedbugs, when and only when necessary, must be chosen and applied by professional pest control technicians.

For the inexperienced, on the other hand, the preventive phase is still to be carried out, centred on sanitising the mattresses with vacuum cleaner and water vapour, washing clothes and furniture at high temperatures, cleaning the rooms and sealing and eliminating weeds. In this regard, continuing to eliminate and repurchase mattresses, clothes, furniture and objects for the continuous reinfestation by bedbugs involves costs that would be easily avoided by professional pest control and subsequent monitoring.

The cheapest methods against bedbugs with Disinfestazioni Venezia
The most effective methods of pest control to get rid of bed bugs and, in the long run, the most economical, are the ecological ones, such as cryodisinfestation, and residual chemicals of limited toxicity that act on several generations of bed bugs. These safe solutions are very suitable for tourist, accommodation and health facilities. More specifically, cryodisinfestation is an ecological and cryogenic system that works by means of liquid nitrogen supplied at high and constant pressure at a temperature of about – 120°C. This non-toxic and odourless method, perfect for food companies and homes, eliminates bedbugs at every stage of development, i.e., egg, larva and adult, allows you to save money, because, by reaching all the bug hiding places, it is no longer necessary to get rid of the infested objects and buy them back, and it does not require you to leave the environments to be reclaimed. Instead, powdered chemicals, in particular pyrethroid chemicals, are useful for treating areas where liquids and vapours are not appropriate, for example, electrical panels where bedbugs can hide, and are sold at convenient prices consisting of a few units or tens of euros, depending on quality and weight. Finally, we point out the dry saturated steam sanitizer brought to high temperatures (180°C).

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